Pets and How to Keep them Healthy, Active and Happy

My Healthy West Highland White Terrier
Healthy, Happy Teddy

Do you have Pets? Are they Healthy, Active and Happy?

The Secret to Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Your pets are a part of your home and family. And physically, they are not all that different from you. Your cat or dog has skin and bones, muscles, and insides that work the same way as yours.

And because of that, your pet has the same daily needs as any other member of your home: good air and water, adequate nutrition, quality sleep and regular exercise. Nikken pet products offer nutritional balance, support for healthy muscles and joints, advanced sleep technology and more.

What to Do When There’s an Injury or Disease

After several surgeries on his hind legs my 9 years old West Highland White Terrier, Teddy, wasn’t recovering.   I put him on a Kenko Seat (before we had the Pet Pad).  Overnight there were changes.  If a dog could smile, he woke up smiling.  He slept on his beloved pet pad until his last day.

Everyday Help and Maitenance

Do you like a massage?  I do, and it helps me feel great.  I no longer am as achy and I am more flexible.  Pets like a good massage too.  The magduo will help both you and your pet.  When I used this on Teddy, it helped him relax when he became stiff from Arthritis.  He was able to wag his tail again….he was happy!

There are many supplements that help our stiff and hurting joints.  The Pet Joint Formula is for your Pets and keeps them flexible.

Pets choosing PiMag water instead of Tap water
Dog at Pet Show Choosing PiMag Water

Water is Good for All of Us

One of the most important ways to stay healthy is by drinking the best water possible.  Animals are very astute to what is good and what is not the best….like chlorinated water.  That may be why they like to drink water from puddles.  So giving them the highest quality water, that you drink too, makes a difference in both your and their health.  At a Pet Show, we offered both tap water and PiMag Water to visiting dogs.  They consistently chose the PiMag Living Alkaline water over the local tap water.  Yep, they are smart!

Teddy always drank the PiMag Water, which he loved.  This kept his body properly hydrated.

Some Other Suggestions

In the last year of Teddy’s life, his eyes became weepy, his gums grey, and he stopped eating.  I began to give him the Jade GreenZymes and his eyes cleared and his gums became pink, his fur took on a healthy sheen. He became playful again and his appetite returned.  Pretty good for an 18 year old Westie.  Made me very happy too!

Help for Allergies to Pets

Often people love pets but shy away from having them in their home because of allergies.  Wellness Air Systems solve that problem so you can breath easy and enjoy the love and joy that pets can bring into your home.

If you have any other questions and suggestions, please fill out the form below.

Wishing you years of enjoying your healthy pets!

Your Active Life Extension Specialists,

Wynter and Bob


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