How to Enjoy Healthy Fishing

Healthy Fishing for Bob
One of Bob’s Healthy Fishing Trips

How to Enjoy Healthy Fishing

Why is Healthy Fishing important?  Doesn’t Fishing promote Health?  Good Question, especially because we are heading into Summer and for many, fishing is important.  Being healthy is important too.  So what does fishing have to do with Health?  I am all about good health and doing what will enhance my health.   When Bob came into my life, I was healthy but he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer so was living his bucket list, not knowing when his last day was.

Adding Years to Life

On Bob’s bucket list was a boat because his passion was fishing.  He relaxed on the water, had adventure, especially when he caught ‘The Big One’…..he breathed in the fresh clean air.  Any problems vanished because he was in the moment, being on the water and one with Nature.

Wynter enjoying her catch
Wynter staying Healthy and Fishing too!

I was then introduced to fishing.  I was born terrified of water….as my Mom said.  But when you fall in love, it’s interesting how we can change.  Love conquers fear.  I trusted Bob and learned the skill of boating and fishing and truly being in a healthy environment….pristine nature.

What Do You Need to Fish?

Besides a licence and someone to teach you the skills of fishing, it is important to be physically fit.  Here are some important assets:  Balance, a healthy back, knees, wrists and hands.  Anti nausea, proper hydration, confidence on the water.

How a Hurting Body Can Change Life

Broken down backs and knees can end the pleasure and excitement of the sport.   But there are solutions so that fishing remains an important part of life and truly living!

The Solutions We Use

If you want to learn about what we use to maintain a healthy back, knees, balance and how to stay hydrated while fishing, just follow these links:!kenkotherm-knee!performance/Magnetic-Support!performance/Magnetic-Insoles!pimag-sport-bottle

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Happy Fishing!

Wynter and Bob


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