In Pain? Not Sleeping? Try a Magnet

How many people do you know who are in pain or are not sleeping?  Have you ever been advised to try a magnet?

It was Wynter’s Special Birthday!

Because it was just recently a special birthday for me, I want to share what has worked for me for pain and for sleep….that’s right!  I tried magnets!!!

June was the month of my (Wynter’s) 70th Birthday.  Time to reflect on why I feel younger than I did when I turned 46 in 1994.  There are reasons for how I live my life relatively pain free, with flexibility and lots of energy.  I do take care of myself with the best nutrition, healthy diet and exercise….I enjoy walking.  But what else did I start doing differently in 1994?

Magnetic Energy – Really?

For many years, since the early 90’s, I have used magnetic energy.  Many people ‘poo-pooed’ me and said some pretty unkind things to me.  But I believed.  As I studied Acupressure, I was using them to treat myself and clients.  I had a ‘gut’ feeling that what I was studying was very important to people’s health and wellness….of the mind and body. So I persisted on my journey of complimentary modalities of which magnetic energy was only one of my tools in my tool bag of resourceful modalities.  I was focused on helping and empowering people to heal oneself, avoiding pharmaceuticals.

How did I use them? 

It’s safe to say, I used and experimented with the Nikken magnetic technologies in many ways.  I didn’t want to offer them to my family and friends and clients until I used them myself.

Walking Problems

In 1994, my feet were a mess with bunions and more…..I had been a disco dancer wearing high heeled pointed shoes….pretty but not too smart.  Therefore, walking became difficult.  The first thing I wore were magnetic shoe inserts….and voila….I could go for long walks.  The orthotics hadn’t been the answer to this problem….I used them but didn’t receive relief until I used and added the magnetic shoe inserts.

Sleeping Problems

My sleep was very poor….only 3-4 hours a night…..due to a life crisis in 1991.  With the magnetic mattress pad, I began to sleep 7 – 8 hours a night and still do!  Another huge issue was my neck, because of a birth injury and being hit by a motorcycle when I was 6.  This recovery took a while because it was a chronic problem and I was becoming unable to turn my head even with chiropractic intervention. The Pillow with magnets made the difference, and in 3 months of sleeping on this pillow, I had full range of motion  of my neck and the stiffness and extreme discomfort disappeared…..but it took 3 months.


A miracle?  Seems like it but it’s really about giving the body what it needs to help it to rebalance and recover.

What’s Magnetic Energy All About – Scientific Proof Positive

Here is a quick synopsis of what magnetic energy is about and proof positive about their effective use in our world:

Earth’s Magnetic Energy

“Magnetic Energy is one of Natures most basic powers.  All living cells are designed to operate to their fullest potential within the earth’s Magnetic Field.  Unfortunately our environment presents ever growing challenges to the body’s ability to absorb the earth’s natural magnetism, throwing us off balance and causing the body to have poor defences  against illness and pain.  Magnetic technology products help to balance out the energy and help the body to function better.

An Important Study

Magnetic energy can stimulate cellular activity and help with such things as bodily fluid  flow and discomfort reduction and relief.  In fact, studies have shown that magnets provide pain relief.  Dr. Michael Weintraub of the New York Medical College Department of Neurology and  Medicine studied the effects of magnets on diabetic neuropathy pain.  The double blind study found that patients who wore magnets had a statistically significant reduction in pain.   (Please see attached thermographic photos).

Another Study

Another study conducted by University of Virginia and published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine found that Fibromyalgia pain intensity was reduced by magnet therapy, enough in one group to be clinically meaningful.”

The Power of Nature

It is not a figment of my imagination.  The power of Nature in helping our body be as healthy as possible is at the root of the use of magnetic energy…’s energy.

Do I believe that magnetic energy is the answer to all health concerns?  That’s a big ‘no’!

We live in a world of synergy, so it’s not just one thing that answers our problems.  But magnetic energy is a very big part of the puzzle that has been overlooked for years.  Simple and practical with positive results.  It may be worth a try for you!

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Enjoy the end of Spring!

Your Healthy Life Extension Specialists,

Wynter and Bob

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