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Nikken Product Technologies are based on the application of various forms of natural energy and our technologies feature innovations that set them apart from anything else available.


Advanced Magnetic Technology

Advanced Magnetic

Magnetic energy is part of the natural universe and surrounds all living things – but modern civilization has altered this environment with measurable results. Nikken Advanced Technology replicates the Earth’s magnetic field and meant to live and thrive.  Nikken magnetic products contain proprietary, patented designs and make use of static (permanent) magnets, for safety and reliability.

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Air Wellness Technology

Air Wellness® Technology

To help counteract the level of airborne pollution found inside the typical home, Air Wellness Technology incorporates a laboratory-quality air filtration system to promote relaxation and a feeling of energy – and operates without producing toxic ozone. Only Air Wellness products offer all these features in combination.

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PiMag Water Technology

PiMag® Water Technology

PiMag Water Technology begins with a high-tech, multiple-stage filtration system based on natural materials to clean water without chemicals. It adds Nikken magnetic technology and ceramic elements that impart minerals to produce pi water, known in Asia for decades. The result is a unique water system that is more environmentally sound, more cost-effective and more practical than commercially bottled water.

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Sun’s Energy Technology


Nikken uses the Sun’s Energy Technology features specially made reflective fibers that absorb energy from multiple sources – sunlight, room temperature, body heat and reflect that energy only within the Sun’s energy range of the spectrum. It’s a solution that provides gentle, natural warmth yet releases excess heat to afford comfort at all times in a wide range of ambient conditions.

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Relaxation Technology

Negative Ion

Relaxation Technology – also referred to as Comfort Technology in some Nikken products – makes use of materials that produce the feelings of relaxation, which are charges oxygen atoms or molecules. High amounts of these ions are found in natural settings, such as forests and near waterfalls. Scientists have long studied the relationship between forests and waterfalls in the air and human relaxation or vitality.

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Kenko Sleep Technology

Kenko Sleep

Found only in Nikken Kenko Sleep Systems, Kenko Sleep Technology is a combination of features that work together to enable better sleep, provide more rest and assist the processes of physical and mental recharging that form the basis of sleep. Kenko Sleep Technology includes magnetic energy, a massaging surface,  sun’s energy fibers and more to address factors such as support and temperature regulation that are crucial to enjoying sleep that is healthy and restorative. ‎

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Kenzen Wellness Organic-Based Nutrition

Kenzen® Wellness Organic-Based Nutrition

Kenzen Wellness Organic-Based Nutrition is designed to bring the daily diet closer to nature. Each ingredient in the program is carefully selected and where possible the organic content is maximized. The Nikken concept of Whole Body Renewal includes a Core System to help meet daily needs, and molecules that offer support for specific biological activities: gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, neurological, immune and skeletal.

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True Elements® Marine Organic Skin Care

True Elements® Swiss Organic Skin Care

With organic ingredients, True Elements products are designed to work with your pH balance, promoting a youthful, supple appearance and enhancing your skin’s natural beauty.

Gently crafted using seaweed varieties, True Elements products are abundant in natural minerals. These are well absorbed by skin and in combination the different ingredients can work synergistically to offer remarkable benefits.
Made without the synthetic fragrances and pure essential oils in some cosmetic preparations that may cause a sensitivity reaction. 
For men and women, True Elements Skin Care is a complete line of products that cleanse, tone and moisturize — to enhance, protect and care for your skin using nature’s own secrets. 

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