Fast Acting Relief!

Kenko MagDuo™
Wynter’s Personal Testimonial….Thank goodness for our special ‘medicine cabinet’ of Nikken products.

Last night I tripped and fell down hard. I was hurting big time!….my right knee and my back and I had a hard time walking. I reached into my tool box of products for recovery. I immediately used the Kenko MagDuo™ magnetic massager to release the agony. Then the CM Complex Cream went on, 2 power chip magnets and a kenkotherm knee wrap. Then the magflex back magnet. I am happy to say that I feel almost 100% recovered this morning! I love helping myself and others to recover and feel happy and healthy again!




Best Sleep Ever!

Sleep System – Mattress Topper and Kenko Dream® Comforter

Hi Wynter, I have slept on the topper and just got the Kenko Dream® Comforter and slept with them both. They are amazing. I feel such a warm and comforting feeling in there! The comforter is heavy and warm but doesn`t make me sweat which I have problems with at night. I don`t want to get out of that cozy bed in the morning. I think I feel that my body feels better and more rested.  I am sure I will get even better results as time goes on.  So yes we will meet next Wed. and I look forward to learning more.
Take care and see you soon.   L  Ruby



My Happy Feet Insoles

Magnetic Power – Magsteps®

Hi Wynter, I’m happy with my Mag Steps!  After walking 10K without stopping, my lower back wasn’t aching as it normally would. My hips joints felt good too.” Sorry I had to hang up so quickly.  The postman just delivered my Nikken products!Cheers! Cheryl

From: RadioLady9@aol.com
I believe this tip should be credited to Dr. Neal Deoul, physicist husband of Kathleen. Instead of using laundry detergent which
contains chemicals that we can avoid, put a pair of magsteps on the tub of your washer to get your clothes completely fresh and clean.  By placing the flat side of the magsteps againt the inside of your washer, they will adhere and remain there due to their magnetism for as long as you care to leave them. Water will not affect the magsteps, so if you want to take them out to wear at any time, they’ll be as good as new! Not only will you save your body from the exposure to the chemicals, but you will save money on detergent! This is especially great for those with allergic reactions to chemicals. We haven’t used laundry detergent at our house since I made this great discovery!



Pets need Sleep too!

Kenko PetPad

Dearest Wynter,  Not long ago, my 85lb American Bulldog, Cali, tore her anterior cruciate ligament while chasing a soccer ball at the park on a very soggy winter’s day. After a few painful weeks of hopping around on 3 legs, she had a lengthy surgery to repair the ligament, which the vet said was hanging on only by a thread.

Around the time of her surgery, I learned of your Nikken magnetic pet mat. Having not yet had any personal experience with the Nikken products, you volunteered to lend me the mat to see if it would help my dog (my first born who I’d do almost anything for) with her recovery.

Overnight, the change in Cali’s state of comfort and being was simply miraculous. The morning after her first night on the mat, she jumped up to greet us like she was a pup and I was such a proud mom! I never expected to see such change in her so quickly, and felt I owed so much to the power of the mat.

Since Cali’s miraculous experience, I’ve since purchased the foot beds for my husband, who I hoped would have the same physical response. Last week, when he injured his leg, we tensored the foot beds to his leg and by the next day he had noticed a significant improvement. When Cali’s leg gives her a bit of trouble, we wrap them on hers.

I will continue to spread the word of the magical magnetic pet mat, and look forward to growing my personal collection of Nikken products.

Thank you, Wynter, for your generosity in helping us in our times of need, for sharing your strength and enlightening us with such unique and wonderful products which truly make a difference, particularly in this mom’s life.

Yours truly,
Jenni Carswell




Great for Travel too!

PiMag® Sport Bottle

Dear Wynter,   Hey I think I already have more energy for the PiMag Water 🙂
I better cut back or I won’t know what to do with myself cause I’m still nursing a sore ankle 🙂
Joyce Sandilands

From: kowal@ll.mit.edu
I started drinking the water faithfully as soon as I received about 2 weeks ago. Noticed that I have dropped a few pounds and this hasn’t happened for me in quite awhile (even with a dedicated walking program). I also find the water smooth and delicious and I do not get hungry during the day… and no cravings for sweets!! I take a bottle to work each day as I do love to drink water… even more so now!
Here’s to your health… Mary




A natural prebiotic

Nutritional – Lactoferrin Gold 1.8® Capsules

My husband Michael came down with that H1N1 Swine flu.  He was immediately ill with a fever and his lungs so congested he was coughing uncontrollably.  For three days he was in bed and      miserable and he continued coughing for weeks.  During his convalescence he used the Bi-Axial Mag Boy on his chest and wore magnets.  They helped clear out the congestion and made him feel much better.  It wasn’t until later he learned how effective Lactoferrin is in fighting viruses (of course we know that any effectiveness we might have with nutritionals is purely coincidental).  About a week later, I felt something hit my throat and lungs hard.  I took 5 Lactoferrin capsules like Mike told me to do.  I went through the whole illness in three days feeling just a little puny and achy.  I coughed one day (but oh what a cough, you’d have thought I was raising the dead!  Then it was gone!  No cough.   No aches. If only Mike had known about Lactoferrin’s coincidental effect on a sick body.

Today for a few hours I felt the achy blahs trying to rain on my parade.  I took three Lactoferrin — and another amazing coincidence — I felt strong.  It felt like the sun just came out.  The aches are gone tonight.  I’ve never been one to do drugs for the high they give.  I just can’t see why anyone would play around with their body like that.  But I’m determined to make Lactoferrin a treat I give myself whenever I am feeling under the weather.  It’s been a real high for me when I’ve taken it in the increased doses.  It’s wonderful.

Is Mike still coughing ??? Yes.  But he’s at the tail end of  his flu.  Typical of him, he wants to save the Lactoferrin for me.  Since I’ve been sick for so long with a combination of painful disabilities, (ten years in a wheelchair) he wants me to have all the Nikken I need.  He takes the nutritionals.  But he insists I have all I need.

I think of what might have happened he hadn’t told me about the Lactoferrin.  It now has  a permanent place as part of our winter wellness plan.


PiMag Waterfall®
From: WENTWORTH@infotraxsys.com
A friend of mine, Marcella Davis has gone to doctors for 15 years complaining about her energy level dropping – after getting breakfast she would give out until noon, & after preparing the noon meal she would give out till evening. She started PiMag Water & and noticed by the end of a week she had done things that she was unable to do before without getting tired. She said, “A week ago if I had done all that I’ve done I would be on my hands and knees crawling for a chair, & I’m not tired.” Wow!! 


PiMag Waterfall®
From: Jomark123@aol.com
Primary among the wonderful effects of the PiMag Shower system is that it removes harmful chemicals from the shower, (e.g.,
Chlorine and other VOCs) thereby keeping us from breathing the chemical laced steam and absorbing these things through our largest organ, the skin. This keeps further damage from happening to the surface of the skin. Since hair is classified as skin, then hair would also benefit. One of the qualities that PiMag shower water has, is being a better solvent, by virtue of the softness of smaller globules created by the magnet. This means it cleans better and therefore leaves the skin and hair in a softer, cleaner state. Another of the attributes of this shower system is that it is a peaceful experience. It just makes you feel good!





































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