Toxicity and Toxins in Water

No matter the time of year, all living things need water….people, plants, trees, animals.  Clean, toxin free water.

Our Broken Apple Tree
Hidden Toxins in Our Apple Tree

Hidden Toxins

I mention trees because we have a very old King Apple tree in our back yard.  It was a dry year last year, and the tree crashed and cracked in half, under, we thought, the weight of the abundance of apples that it produced….the most we had ever seen.

But upon investigation, we found rot inside the trunk of the tree.  So, our beautiful old tree had been dying for years.

What ‘Rot’ may be Hiding in Us?

How many of us haven’t been taking care of ourselves….we’ve been neglecting our self care.  Even though we look alright on the outside, something’s not healthy on the inside.

How Flushing out Toxins Can Change our Lives

When I met Bob, he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and he had given up on getting better…..really didn’t have hope.  Then he tasted Nikken’s PiMag Water….living water, structured water, alkaline water.  And as soon as he tasted it, he could feel a difference in his body….because now he was  feeding his body something that it had been missing….maybe doing something about the toxins inside of him…..doing something that could stop some of the ‘dying’ process.  We need to bring living things and life force into our body and be aware of hidden harmful toxins.  Instead of just 2 years left to live, Bob is still living with cancer but is happy and healthy, celebrating 8 years after his diagnosis.

I am including a link that is an interview by Dr. Darrel Wolfe ….The Truth about Cancer….and it talks about the hidden toxins in our everyday life.   He addresses the importance, not only of water but also, the type of water that we drink and shower in….Toxicity and Water  Toxins In Our Everyday Lives.

Wishing you Healthy Living!

Your Active Life Extension Specialists,

Wynter and Bob

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