Walking – 9 Benefits

Setting an Intention of Walking

It’s time to start a new year with new or continued intentions and goals.  Is exercise one of those?  For me, upping my game when it comes to fitness and walking is an important intention.  I love walking in Nature, and we live in an ideal location for that, but in the Winter, some times the rain makes it less than appealing to get out there.

Walking on the BeachI am celebrating walking.  Why?  Because 27 years ago I was not a healthy person.  One problem was that I couldn’t walk very far because of problems with my feet.These feet are made for walking but my feet were screaming NO! NO!  According to Hippocrates “Walking is man’s best medicine.”
With all of our conveniences we walk less and less steps a day which is leading to an unhealthy lifestyle and body.  We need healthy feet in order to get back to having a healthy body.

​ ​​Challenges with Your Feet

I did all I could to solve my feet problems by going to the podiatrist, getting orthotics and nothing helped me. Then a solution finally came along.  ​It seemed like a miracle!  I’ll let you in on the ‘secret’ later.​

​9 Benefits of Walking

But first, let’s talk about the benefits of walking.

​The reason I like walking so much is because ​I​ can do it anywhere, anytime, and with zero equipment necessary. Here’s just a small list of the benefits you can get from a daily dose of walking:

  • ​​​Boosts Metabolism and Accelerates Weight Release – got to love that!
  • Increases Blood Flow
  • Strengthens the Heart, Feet, and Joints
  • Pumps Lymph Fluids Which Helps Detoxify the Body Faster.
  • Helps to Improve Posture and the Core Muscles…..much better than sitting!
  • Gives a Sense of Mental Clarity….Great for the Brain.​….using your Body Stimulates your Mind.​
  • ​Feeling a bit blue?  Go for a walk because it ​I​mproves your Mood.
  • Improves Balance and Coordination.
  • Gives you the Opportunity to get Grounded and enjoy Fresh Air and Sunshine (Weather Permitting)​ ​

Perfect Exercise for Every Age

As you can see. .. walking is not only the best exercise you ​could be doing daily, it’s also critical to your health and longevity.  An excellent example of that was my Mom, who at 94 was still doing exercise.  And what was that exercise?  It was her daily walk down to the store, or Senior’s Center which w​as quite a few blocks away from her condo.

Weather Permitting Only?

On those days when the rain is pelting down, I found some YouTube videos on Walking at Home  that ​I enjoy​ when I’m not walking outside ​and you may too!



The Secret Solution

Back to the solution and the secret that I found for my sore, achy feet.

​I ​was introduced to a Japanese technology that finally broke through the barrier of helplessness​ and hopelessness​that I felt…..and indeed… voila….problem solved.   I finally was able to walk and include walking as one of my

Bob and I in Avatar Grove, Port Renfrew, BC
Hiking in Avatar Grove

favourite exercises again.  Happily, now I can enjoy long walks, and hiking and my feet remain healthy and happy!  Check out the most up to date Magnetic​ and Energy​ Shoe Inserts.  These inserts are designed ​with 3 technologies ​to work!  And they do…..just ask millions of people!  They ​not only help your feet​, ​there are many other benefits too.

If you would like to learn more, go to


What are your goals, plans and intentions for 2018?  We wish you much success in achieving them.  Have fun and enjoy the journey!

If you have any questions, please contact us at wynterlangston@gmail.com, or call

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Your Healthy Life Extension Specialists,

Wynter and Bob​

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