Water that is Good for Us


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Water That is Good for Us

Access to clean water that feeds us, nourishes us and is good for us is a problem of global proportions. Global warming and other changing climate patterns are threatening lakes, rivers and other primary sources.

Where Contamination Originates

Contaminated water is a huge health risk not only in third world countries but also right here in North America.  According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, runoff of rain and snow from rooftops and roads pick up toxic chemicals, dirt and a multitude of germs as it makes its way to rivers and seas. As fortunate as we are to live where free running water is taken for granted, we are no longer guaranteed that what comes out of our faucets are safe to drink.  In fact, rather than drinking tap water the way our grandparents did, the trend to purchase “name brand” bottled water has become popular in our culture.  This give rise to yet another huge problem: landfills overflowing with non-biodegradable plastics.

What Are The Solutions?

The solution to drought or global warming is clearly too complex for the average brain. lt is up to us to do our best not to contribute to landfills.  How?  Filter tap water rather than purchase it in bottles.   It is such common sense that yes, if you’re not doing it, you should have a talk to yourself.  Here is an example of a high quality filtration system….simple, easy, tastes great!  Shop PiMag®

Filtration and More

Doesn’t filtering take all the good stuff out as well as the bad?  With the PiMag Waterfall, it is processed to not only clean but also to add back.  Minerals are added, and more, creating alkaline, living water that tastes great!  Once people drink this, they drink more than they did in the past.  Hydration increases which means a healthier, happier body.

Your Active Life Extension Specialists,

Wynter and Bob

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