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 Alligator-print Ambassador watch strap

For special occasions or just to elevate a casual outfit, this optional genuine-leather accessory for the Nikken Ambassador watch instantly adds versatility and ultra-chic flair.

watch strap


Classic Collection Stainless Jewelry

This bracelet is part of the collection that was created for Nikken by a team of top designers in Europe and manufactured according to standards of exacting quality. It combines fine craftsmanship, exclusive styling and Nikken advanced technology.

Stainless steel is employed as the structural material – exceptionally resistant to corrosion, discoloration and wear. Inserts of enamel accent the designs. Enamel resists wear better than a painted or coated finish, and provides a richness of appearance in gloss or matte surface.

The magnetic segments in Nikken jewelry are rated at 700-800 gauss.


Kenko Naturest® Demo Pad

A Kenko Naturest™ Mattress Topper in a compact size, the Kenko Naturest™ Demo Pad is designed for portability and for performing the Nikken rollout — a personal demonstration of the Nikken sleep experience. This Demo Pad features the same patented Dynaflux® Technology and natural materials as the full-sized Kenko Naturest™ topper.

KenkoAir Purifier®

Food, water and sleep are all important, but air is the most immediate need. It’s something we use several times a minute! What could be more worthwhile than improving air quality?



Whether you’re dressed up or down, for keeping comfortable ThermoWear is your smart wear. Nikken ThermoWear intelligently adapts for your personal comfort. Its Far-Infrared Technology assists in temperature regulation to keep you warm or cool, and Negative-Ion Technology adds an energetic and soothing feel. The ultra-soft, stretch fabric offers support and easy care, making it perfect lounge wear or a warm under garment.












Marquesa Collection

Inspired by the work of a world-renowned European fashion studio, the Kenko Marquesa necklace and bracelet graciously combine modern technology and timeless design. As a matched set of jewelry they create a dazzling impression, and each can be worn separately as an elegant accessory.

Both feature Kenko Magnetic Technology that replicates Earth’s magnetic field and restores a more natural balance to our surroundings. Crafted in stainless steel for exceptional durability and beauty, Marquesa is finished in a pattern that makes the necklace and bracelet equally appropriate as formal or casual wear.